Samora Pinderhughes, MOMENTUM

Absolutely without a doubt, Samora Pinderhughes is a star.  Incredibly talented pianist and songwriter, highly cerebral, and dedicated to the liberation of all free peoples, it’s hard not to jump on board immediately when you get a call to collaborate with him on a project.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Initially slated as a concert video shoot, the production quickly (and rightfully) evolved into a political call to action, much like his multi-media live performances, demanding we listen to the un-heard voices of marginalized POC and to do something about it.

The video feautred a live performance of the song MOMENTUM, pt 2 from his solo debut, The Transformations Suite at the National Sawdust in Williamsburg, alongside featured performances from Jasminn Johnson, Brandon Hall, Jules Latimer, Jeremie Harris, Ashley August, Brandon Bain, and Amber Pickens. I am incredibly honored to have worked with Samora in this small capacity.

In Samora’s words:


These questions must be asked: Who owns the banks? Who owns the prisons, and who are its occupants? Why do some have billions while most struggle to survive? We can’t sit idly by while some profit off of the pain of others.. while gates both visible and invisible separate the wealthy from the hungry.. when the consequences of these barriers result in everything from flooded homes to broken dreams to beaten bodies. When death is a cost we have grown accustomed to bearing, we cannot compromise in our pursuit of justice. We cannot retreat in the face of inequity. We cannot ignore the patterns of brutality. In this spirit, The Transformations Suite condemns the current state of power, racism and inequality in America, and searches for a new way forward. We are fighting for nothing less than our liberation. We will NOT be silenced.

Watch below for the full video of MOMENTUM, pt 2.

Co-directed with Samora Pinderhughes and Cinematographer. released, 2018.