FUNKumentary & Gentleman’s Day

Many moons ago, I had the distinct pleasure of producing, shooting, and editing a documentary for a dear friend and extraordinary musician, Isaac Sinclair.  We attended high school together but lost touch as folks from high school do, only to cross paths nearly a decade later in our professional, creative careers. (aka we were at a show of another creative friend, bumped into one another, talked shop, and made a thing together).

We collaborated on the video for his first single, Down that Road, from what was then his forthcoming debut solo album, Gentleman’s Day; release date – my birthday, August 18, 2017.

During that time, we were also plugging away at a documentary to be released alongside the album featuring his tremendous collaborators from the debut record, his amazing mother, and his other major musical collaboration – rock/fusion band, TAUK.

Check out the dapper style, insane songwriting and drumming expertise, and musical journey of Isaac Sinclair in FUNKumentary, below.

Producer, writer, camera, and editor. 2017.