Prince &… at The PIT Loft, NYC

In honor of his legacy as a genius and pioneer of his art, Prince &… is a variety show featuring sketch, stand-up, improv, storytelling, short video, music, and more. Participating artists/Prince fam create original art inspired by the legend who encourages us all to set our minds free.

I met my co-conspirator quite auspiciously as we were both on a pilgrimage of sorts to Minneapolis to see The Revolution play live at First Avenue.  Ana traveled to Minnie with a friend from the NY comedy scene, who also happens to be good friends with a friend of mine, who remotely set us up on a friend-blind-date. Kismet.  We vowed to hang out and relive all the details of a surreal three days of living in Prince-land upon returning to NY and so a few weeks and a good, boozy brunch later, Prince &… was born.

Having a residency at The PIT Loft where we essentially let free to do whatever we want resulted in a ‘Tipper Gore’ burlesque dancer, a set by DJ Spinna, a sketch written by Donwill of Tanya Morgan ft. Quelle Chris, running trivia games and prizes, live portrait painting on stage, and video appearances by Troy Gua and St. Paul Peterson from Prince’s band, The Family, among the other madness we were able to concoct on a monthly basis.

Produced and hosted by Chinisha Scott and Ana Defillo.
Logo graphic design. Cinematography & editing.

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