Michael Paul Britto: “This Little Word Of Mine” Rehearsal, The Kitchen

I have the distinct pleasure to call multi-media visual artist Michael Paul Britto a colleague, collaborator, and a friend.  He is always up to something amazing, re-contextualizing pop culture and the black experience to get audiences to re-think challenging subject matter and open up dialogue around race and identity.  In This Little Word of Mine, Britto remixes the church revival experience with modern hip hop, re-framing the word ‘nigga’ and forcing audiences to examine its use (and misuse).  And we had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. It wouldn’t be a successful performance and project had we not had audience members walk out (which they did), viscerally uncomfortable with the juxtaposition of language and culture and very likely, uncomfortable with their own relation to the subject matter.  We were privileged enough to do two runs on the show; our first run at Rush Arts Gallery where we workshop-ed the piece and a second run at The Kitchen, alongside performances by Kenya (Robinson). Below is sampling of the show at The Kitchen during a dress rehearsal.


singer. actor. performance artist.

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