New Website!

Hey, Stranger!

Welcome to this little piece of internet I’ve claimed.  Here, I’ll be sharing new projects I’m working on, past works I’ve created, upcoming shows & events, and whatever else I can coherently put together for you. Prepare yourself: this will be an almost exclusively self-aggrandizing space, filtered through the neuroses of a native New Yorker.  You’ve been warned. I assume you are here of your own free will (click subscribe if you need me to call 911!) and that’s super cool.  I look forward to sharing some fun things with you!

You can check out my portfolio of past works, learn a little bit more about me, and if you’re on the edge of your seat and want to stay updated, you can subscribe to the newsletter here. If you want all the really juicy stuff before it hits the presses, join the mailing list*!


*I cannot guarantee it will be juicy.

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